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Professional quality products

This motto Fred Seidel had in mind when he opened the online shop in 2006.

His objective: to deliver the best products with the best service for the best price quickly and easily to anybody. When Fred Seidel started his online business, he really bridged a gap in the market. Being a carpenter with his own company he was terribly irritated that up to then furniture fittings were only available via settled commercial agents and rigid sales structures. He wanted to make a change...

It all started then with a small online shop and a few products sold on ebay. But he always had a big goal: service! Then and now our focus is on competent counselling and extensive service. Whether it is per phone, email or online configurations - at S&O Handelsgesellschaft the client is in the center of attention and won't be left alone. No matter if it is a carpenter or a professional craftsman or even industrial client.

Quality wins - as you can see in the relatively short success story of Fred Seidel: While in the beginning he would still work in his carpentry during the day and pack packages at night with his wife Petra, he extended the product range little by little and broadend the distribution to more market places like Amazon, CDiscount, ManoMano and the rest of Europe. The intitial carpentry has been left in good hands, because S&O Handelsgesellschaft has grown to be one of the biggest European distributors of furniture fittings, kitchen accessories and tools.

Despite the enormous size, Fred Seidel and his team still have the same goal as in the beginning: We send only high-quality products together with best counselling and service, quickly and easily to anybody (private clients as well as business customers). In 2020, Fred and Petra Seidel took the last big step for the time being. The existing office and storage space has long since become too small for the more than 100 employees and well over 12,000 articles.

Thus, an extension building was inaugurated, offering space for additional office space, a film and photo studio and a B2B exhibition centre. In the high-bay warehouse alone, there are now over 10,000 pallet spaces available, some of which are fully automated, in an area of well over 8,000 square metres. Every month, we process around 80,000 customer orders (approx. 1 million customer orders per year) and supply our worldwide customers as always to their complete satisfaction.

Meanwhile, S&O Handelsgesellschaft is not purely distributor but also manufacturer of quality-furniture fittings and kitchen equipment and has its own brands.


neue_halle Being a master carpenter himself, Fred Seidel knows exactly to which details he and his in-house product development team have to pay attention to when implementing their products: durability, accuracy of fit, best quality, current design and perfect usage properties.

This reflects in the products of Junker, SO-TECH, ORGA-BOX, Blankett and many other own brands. They have become a quality standard in the area of furniture fitting and kitchen equipment and regularly one-up even well-known established brands.

For years, Fred Seidel and his team have also been handling custom-made products for bulk buyers or industrial customers just as professionally, quickly and correctly. Because our service does not depend on quantity or turnover.This is positively reflected in the many long-standing, trusting and honest relationships between the S&O Handelsgesellschaft and its suppliers and customers - whether private or business.

In their social environment Petra and Fred Seidel are just as committed and responsible as in their company. S&O Handelsgesellschaft now supports and sponsors more than 20 sports and youth clubs as well as charitable institutions in our home region of East Westphalia. In the Versmold region, SO-TECH can be seen on almost every club's sports jersey. In addition, we train new trainees every year, including in the areas of e-commerce, office management or warehouse logistics.

Our commitment to the national league soccer team Arminia-Bielefeld shows how much we care about football. S&O Handelsgesellschaft is exclusive partner of the "Armins" and at every home match represented by our brand SO-TECH on the perimeter add. As being the sponsor of the football shirts, the youth section of Arminia and the U19 team wear proudly our SO-TECH logo on their shirts.

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